Part of my 120-day goal included writing a monthly update so I could document this journey not only for myself but for you guys as well! So here’s a quick look at how the last 25 days have gone for me!

Initial Measurement 

Dexa Scan 8/15/2018:

  • 157lbs
  • 26.6%
  • 41.8lbs body fat
  • 109.1 lean mass

For fun, I also purchased an at home scale to record my daily body comp fluctuations. I knew these numbers would be different (the Dexa is more accurate) but I wanted to gather as much info as possible. I took my at-home measurements 4 days after the Dexa. I’ll use my at-home scale to judge my progress during these next 100 days until my next Dexa Scan. As you can see below there are some variances in the units of measurement.

At-home scale measurements compared to (Dexa):

  • 159lb (+2lbs)
  • 32.9% (+6.3%)
  • 52.8 body fat (+11lbs)
  • 107.6 lean mass (-1.5lbs) 

As a reminder, here is the goal along with my action place that will take me to 12/11/2018 (120-day goal):

⭐️ GOAL: Decreased body fat %

✅Get body fat tested via a DexaScan.
✅Set an appointment to get retested 120 days later
✅Complete a minimum of 51 strength workouts (3/week for 17 weeks)
✅Complete 1,200,000 steps in 120 days (10k x 120 days on average)
✅Record macros daily for 120 days. The good, the bad, the ugly logged in MFP
✅These goals are all measurable. In 120 days I can go through each of them and check “yes” or “no”. There is no “maybe”

How am I doing so far? Here are some numbers from the past 25 days: 

⬇️6.9lbs Scale Weight

⬇️1.4% Body Fat

????400,456 steps (799,544 to go!)

Key takeaways from these first 25 days: 

  • Recording EVERYTHING in MyFitnessPal has been annoying, but a real eye-opener for me. It’s raised my awareness and really made me stop and think about what I’ve been eating. It’s shown me that few small bites or snacks really can add up. I’m also much more conscious of what I do eat simply because I have to ask myself if I really want to log it. It’s helped me understand a bit more about my true hunger levels or if I’m just craving certain foods. This has been the most important change in habit for me thus far.
  • My relationship with my scale weight is more positive. Because I’m weighing myself every day to gather data, I’m now seeing that number as simply that, a data point.
  • Having a body composition goal is keeping me much more focused in the gym. I’m motivated to crank out a few extra reps and push the weights more. It’s forcing me to go a bit more out of my comfort zone.
  • Getting 10k steps per day is hard. Especially if you are hungover- lesson learned the hard way (don’t worry I still logged all my alcoholic drinks to the best of my recollection). Yes, I’m human, yes I drink.
  • I’ve still enjoyed nights out, dinners out and drinks out. I haven’t once shied away from a social situation because I was scared of going over my macros. Planning a few drinks and “fun” foods into my day has made all the difference. I haven’t been perfect every day, but I’ve stayed relatively close to my calorie goal at least 90% of the time. This allows me to stay consistent and it’s also very sustainable.
  • I’m pumped about the progress I’m seeing. I look forward to the upcoming challenges of College Football Saturdays, Fantasy Football Sundays, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. I am the boss of me. My goals are reachable because I allow them to be.