January is coming. New year New you, right? 

Coach Sheena will be launching a 120-day goal program in January. You pick the goal you want to achieve in 120 -days and Coach Sheena will help you reach it.   

What you get: 

  • 120-day goal planned out in a shared googlesheet. There will be weekly virtual check-ins to make sure you stay on track. Together, you and Coach Sheena will set up the daily, weekly and monthly actions needed to help you achieve your 120- day goal. This may include lifestyle habits like developing a morning routine and scheduling your workouts. It will also include nutrition habits like adding more vegetables to your diet, scheduling meal prep time or setting a weekly alcohol limit. Coach Sheena will push you, but always meet you where you are at. 
  • Nutrition Plan: based on YOU, your dieting history and your current nutrition habits. It doesn’t matter what your level of experience is with counting calories/macros, we’re here to teach and educate. Creating awareness around the QUALITY and QUANTITY of your food choices is extremely important so please be prepared to weigh and measure you food for 4 months. 
  • Accountability:  Bi-weekly phone calls with Coach Sheena for 4 months. Communication is a 2 way street. As coaches, we are at our best when we can LISTEN to you. 
  • Support: Unlimited text message and email access to Sheena for 4 months. Need a quick question answered? We love hearing from clients and developing trusting relationships. The more communication the better… just don’t expect a thumbs up emoji at 2am 🙂 
  • Satisfaction: from achieving a goal and developing healthy, sustainable habits along the way. This one is all you. Our satisfaction will come from helping you get there. 

Want in ?!?!

Send an email to Sheena@beyondtheboxnutrition.com for more info, pricing and commitment (hint: it’s 4 months 😉 If you are ready to sign up now fill out the application for coaching here! 

8 spots only! Starts January 1- reserve your spot now. 

Note: This is not a “challenge”. This program is meant to be an educational way to learn about goal setting and how nutrition, healthy habits, and lifestyle are all connected. For example, a weight loss goal that we view as unhealthy or unsafe which would require severe caloric restriction and not contribute to the development of sustainable habits will not be supported.