About Our Chicago Nutrition Coaches

Beyond the Box Nutrition
was founded on the belief that a healthy relationship with food inspires healthy relationships in all other areas of your life. We want to challenge you to think beyond the box about nutrition.

Break Free from Negative Diet Cycles

The goal is to find a sustainable way of eating so you won’t have to diet again! One of the most frustrating components of mainstream nutrition is that diets promise if you follow their methods, you will get results. Often, people do get results, but the results are often temporary.  This can lead to you feeling frustrated instead of feeling good about what you accomplished. Significant caloric reduction, elimination of foods you love, and feeling restricted can generate negative feelings about food and dieting. You are more likely to reach your goals when you don’t feel deprived or restricted. Makes sense doesn’t it? We believe that you can enjoy foods you like AND progress towards your goals. We believe it because we’ve lived it!

Macronutrient-Based Nutrition Plans for Freedom & Flexibility

Our coaching philosophy is based on a sustainable approach that requires dedication and commitment, but also allows for a fun and flexible relationship with food. What that means is that there is a place for some alcohol, sweets, or a meal out at a restaurant. You read that right!  How?! You will get a personalized nutrition plan that allows you to meet your specific goals. You get to decide which foods make up your daily food intake. If you have a social event or business meeting, we want to show you how to manage your nutrition around these events. You will feel confident and prepared when facing challenging situations where you have previously been uncertain about how to “stay on track”.

Nutrition Plans Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Instead of the “one size fits all” approach, we’re here to provide guidance along the way to ensure you stay on your path to meeting your goals. Our recommendations will be based on your age, height, current weight, current fitness regimen, dieting history, and current food intake. We want to ensure that your nutrition fits your lifestyle, not that your lifestyle needs to change to fit into a nutrition plan! We want to help you take the next step to reach your individual health and nutrition goals.

Beyond the Box Nutrition coaches understand how the support, guidance and knowledge of a nutrition coach can help you achieve results and maintain them so you don’t have to diet again.

Schedule a complimentary call to see if we’re a good fit for you and your goals.

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