Leah Casey
Chicago Nutrition Coach, Mental Health Counselor & Art Therapist

Leah found CrossFit in 2013 at a student-led club in undergrad, where it served as a way to stay healthy and relieve stress. She felt CrossFit was a nice hobby in school, but underestimated its significance, leaving it behind when she moved from rural Ohio to Chicago to begin studying mental health. In the midst of this stress, relocation, and complete culture shock, Leah found herself experiencing many of the negative symptoms that she was studying in school. Per the recommendation of her new therapist, she tried out a nearby CrossFit box. With each passing class, life began to feel more bearable, and Leah fell in love again with CrossFit. The healing qualities of movement and community should never be underestimated.

Leah’s main goal is to help people achieve healthier, happier, and well-rounded lives. She began pursuing this mission by studying mental health and art therapy. Through her own experiences and coaching CrossFit classes, she realized that many of the symptoms she was learning to treat could be prevented through an active lifestyle and improved nutrition. She now strives to help others take a preventative approach to their health through nutrition, movement, and mindfulness.

When Leah met the Beyond the Box Nutrition team at a seminar in 2017, she learned that her approach to eating was way off. She was eating over 1,000 calories below what her body needed to thrive while restricting carbs, and developing an unhealthy relationship with
food. By adjusting her approach to eating much more, with the right balance, she noticed improvements in strength, mood, and even her mental clarity. These improvements gave her the ability to take her training to a higher level while maintaining the energy to become a CrossFit coach and to finish school with some bit of sanity left. She learned that food is the missing link for many people searching for better health; from balancing hormones and reducing inflammation, to fuel our bodies and brains.

Through a holistic view of health, Leah wants to help you find the right balance and approach to nutrition for your lifestyle. With goals ranging from sports performance, weight loss, better health, or improving your relationship with food, she is ready to provide a positive
and supportive partnership to reach your goals.

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