Sheena Lawrick

Chicago Nutrition Coach and Two-Time Olympian

Chicago nutrition coach and two-time Olympian Sheena LawrickSheena is a lifelong athlete and two-time Canadian Olympian whose passion has always been directed towards getting the most out of her body. Through her experiences competing at the highest level of softball, and more recently her involvement in competitive CrossFit, Sheena has learned what works for her with regard to both training and nutrition. Through CrossFit, she’s experienced first hand how different modalities of exercise demand different capabilities from your body. From both these experiences, Sheena has learned that it’s always easier when you don’t go at it alone and you stay in tune with your personal needs. She considers herself very lucky to have had some amazing coaches in her life and wants to pay it forward by helping others.

Sheena got hooked on CrossFit in 2009 after retiring from softball. Back then, a low carb Paleo diet was all the rage. Sheena fell into a “workout more, eat less” trap and actually began to see her health, body composition and fitness decline. For years, her quality of life suffered as she continued to dig herself into a deeper and deeper hole–refusing to believe that her diet and over-training/exercise was problem. Twenty pounds heavier from her Olympic softball days, her confidence as an athlete and CrossFit coach was extremely low as she felt she didn’t “look the part.” Sheena also struggled with new health issues like work/life balance, relationship management, energy and sleep.

In 2015, she teamed up with her coach, Jason Phillips. This would prove to be a major turning point in Sheena’s life. In their first year working together, Sheena dropped 10 lbs on the scale and made significant improvements in her body composition. Most importantly, Sheena’s confidence came back and her quality of life dramatically improved. She did all this by eating more food and exercising less. Today Sheena continues to enjoy strength training, CrossFit group classes and the occasional CrossFit competition.

Sheena believes there is no one “right” diet and that each person is unique in their nutritional needs. Sheena values the connection and relationship she creates with each client. She desires to teach positivity, patience and a “trust the process” mentality.

Nutritional Coaching Institute

Level I certification
Mentorship program participant
Hormone Specialty certification
Mindset Specialty certification

Precision Nutrition

Level 1 Certification

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN)


CrossFit Level 1 and 2

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