A Step-by-Step Guide to Our Nutrition Coaching Process

Are you ready? Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to read Coach Gwen’s article on the importance of hiring a nutrition coach. Maybe you’ve been silently following us on Instagram or Facebook or you’re tired of your friend continuously getting after you hire Beyond the Box Nutrition because of the life-changing results we helped them achieve. Now you’re ready to hear all about what you’re getting yourself into! What is this all going to look like?

First, we have yet to encounter two clients with an identical journeys. People do come to us with very similar goals: look better, feel better, perform better. But while these goals are very common, we understand you are not. Your experience will be unique and that’s just the way we like it. We won’t be able to forecast every twist and turn of your journey but we can guarantee there will be PLENTY of achievements to celebrate, and adjustments made along the way (hint: this is what we’re best at). 

So, what’s next?

1. Apply for Nutrition Coaching

Here’s where it all begins: Apply for coaching to tell us a bit about yourself, your dieting history, your goals, and if you have a particular coach you’d like to work with.

2. Free Phone Consultation

Within 24 hours, one of our nutrition coaches (Sheena, Gwen or Terri) will reach out and set up a free consultation phone call with you. Goals of the call include:

  • Discuss what we just learned about you through the application
  • Give you an opportunity to ask questions, and
  • Outline a potential plan of action to set you up for success

We say “potential plan” because we allow freedom and flexibility to adjust the plan based on your feedback and our knowledge along the way. You are not a robot designed to follow a generic template and we will not treat you like one.

3. Choose Your Nutrition Coaching Experience

We offer a monthly nutrition coaching subscription or a 3 or 6 month paid up front option (discount). You and your coach will set up frequent phone calls to discuss your experience, formulate a diet and menu strategy for the week and discuss any changes to your nutrition plan. Be ready for some in-depth questions regarding your sleep, exercise and meal preparation habits. 

We believe you will thrive on frequent communication, support and accountability. For that reason we include unlimited text and email access to your coach. Going out to eat at a restaurant and you aren’t sure what to order? Text your coach! Have a question about a nutrition label? Text your coach! Our current clients love this feature of our coaching service. 

4. Establish Baseline Data

Your coach will send you an intake form to record your basic biometrics, current medications, exercise routine, supplements and a brief dieting history for our records. This date will help us compare your progress to your starting place.Then the real fun begins: we put you to work. You didn’t think hiring a coach was going to magically bring you results, right? 

The following process is extremely valuable and often overlooked when people diet on their own. If you’ve ever entered your height, weight, and age into an online macronutrient calculator, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. 

We will ask you to track and record EVERYTHING you eat for at least 5 days. The catch? We need to you to eat NORMALLY. Don’t try and impress us or change what or how you’ve been eating simply because you know we’ll be watching. We promise to reserve any and all judgments (trust us we’ve seen it all). We need a glimpse of what your body and digestive system have been seeing. Don’t suddenly start eating three salads per day if your diet has largely be comprised of pizza, beer, and Doritos. This just got real, didn’t it? 

We’re big fans of the MyFitnessPal “friends” feature which gives your coach access to your food diary. We’ve used other apps too so if you have a favorite, just let us know. We’re all about making this as easy and convenient as possible. In order to be as accurate as possible, we will ask you to buy a kitchen food scale so you can weigh and measure all your food. Yes, we want you to actually weigh the oats you use to make your morning oatmeal and the deli meat in the sandwich you take to work. Why? Awareness. Most people don’t realize what a serving actually looks like. We’ve had clients both amazed at how much they were over and UNDER-eating. Lucky for us, modern technology makes things super easy and with a few days of practice using your smartphone and the My Fitness Pal app, you’ll get the hang of weighing and measuring your food. It’s not as time-consuming as you think. You won’t have to do this forever, but it is a great way to create self-awareness and understand your caloric needs.

After 5 days of seeing your food choices, macronutrient breakdown, caloric averages, and natural tendencies, we can effectively plan a starting point for your nutrition plan. We will build a sustainable and healthy plan periodized correctly to reach your goal in a reasonable timeline, which includes flexibility for your lifestyle.

5. Build Nutrition Plan

After reviewing your food log and intake form, your nutrition coach will put together the beginning stages of your dietary plan. This may include daily macronutrient targets or you may feel more comfortable just starting with a daily calorie goal. This starting point will be tailored to you; we meet you where you are currently.

It may be worth mentioning at this point that we will never prescribe what we deem to be an unhealthy macronutrient prescription or extreme calorie restriction diet. That’s just not how we roll. 

At this point, flexing your patience muscles will be key. When healthy, sustainable weight loss is the goal, we promise it will take longer than you think. As a general principle, we like to encourage .5-1lb of weight loss per week at most. You will plateau, you will experience setbacks, you’ll “fall off the wagon”, you will see the scale fluctuate. You will question if you are doing everything you can. You will think we have some secret strategy we haven’t told you about. You will wonder why you seem to be the only person in this world who can’t lose the weight. You will want to quit. Then, one day you will:

  • notice some new muscle and definition in the mirror
  • get a compliment from a co-worker asking what diet you’re on
  • start sleeping MORE DEEPLY
  • wake up with more energy
  • notice you are moving more

You’ll remember reading this and be grateful you stuck with it.

6. Live Your Nutrition Plan & Adjust as Needed

You get after your plan. You focus on taking it one day at a time, one week at a time. You ask your coach questions and learn more about nutrition and how to apply it to your life than you ever thought possible. You talk with your coach weekly (or bi-weekly) and start developing a pretty cool/unique relationship. You stay with your coach for as long as you need to before feeling comfortable enough to tackle your own daily nutrition needs by yourself. We call this “graduation” and no one will be more proud of you than your Beyond the Box Nutrition coach!

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