Reminders on how to live a happy life come from unexpected people and in unexpected places!  Are you paying attention? Are you awake or “woke”?

At 10:15 am this morning, someone buzzed my doorbell.  I didn’t think I had ordered anything from Amazon recently (Yes, I order from Amazon almost weekly…embarrassing, but true) so when I hit the intercom to listen to see who was downstairs, I couldn’t understand the words on the other side of the intercom. I assumed it was the cleaning lady for my neighbors so I buzzed them into the building. Bad move, right? It ended up being two strangers; an elderly woman with a much younger woman which made me think it was a woman with her granddaughter. I may never know.  I have to admit, when I first saw two strangers walking up the stairs towards me, I was a bit scared. What had I done? I let two strangers into my building.

I decided to make the best of it and be open to hearing what they were going to say to me. I mean, they did look pretty friendly and all. I asked them their names (Verna and Jasmine) and then asked them how I could help them. Verna, the elderly woman had a pamphlet in her hand and while she was giving it to me said, “There’s so much going on in the world and I’m just trying to make the world a better place”.  I thanked them for sharing their love with the world and told them to have a great day! Their presence brought a smile to my face and I was happy I let them into the building. Sometimes things work out!

I didn’t look at the pamphlet until I got back inside.  The title of the cover was “AWAKE, The Way of Happiness”.  I opened the pamphlet to read what was inside and realized there were some pretty great messages inside.  After quickly glancing at the 6 sections, I realized that I am pretty “woke” in the Physical Health and Resilience and Contentment and Purpose in Life categories, but I have the most work to do in the Love and Forgiveness category.  

I’m a nutrition coach and a CrossFitter, so it makes sense that #2 is high on the list.  I left my corporate job to do what I believe to be my purpose in life, so #5 is pretty high on my list too.  Where I want to do better is #3 (Love) and #4 (Forgiveness).

  1. Contentment and generosity
  2. Physical Health and Resilience
  3. Love
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Purpose in Life
  6. Hope

How about you?  

Are you happy?  

Are you looking for messages in unlikely places?  

Are you awake/”woke” in all six areas?

Where can you balance things out a bit better to live a more fulfilled life?

Eating better and paying attention to your nutrition and physical health is a great foundation for living a “woke” life, but your life can only get better if you start to work on the other areas too!

Staying “woke” and staying open to hearing messages in unlikely places, from unlikely people is a certain way to happiness.

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