moderation is a skill that requires opportunity, practice, and patience. I know I’ve said this before (my current clients are probably all shaking their heads “yes, Sheena we know”). In order to hit any nutrition-related goal you 100% have to know how to allow “fun” food and drinks into your diet. We are not taught this skill at any level of schooling. Some people seem to get away with eating pizza and drinking beer 5 times a week, but in my experience, most of us can’t do that. Most of us are hardly equipped to handle having one slice of pizza and one beer. Maybe we should start there before expecting perfection? Give yourself permission and plenty of opportunities to PRACTICE. Accept the feedback the opportunities provide and be patient as you figure out what moderation looks like to you.⁣

live a life of example for my clients and anyone looking to Beyond The Box Nutrition for guidance. I’ve always believed in leading from the front. A life of example means PRACTICING what I preach, not expecting PERFECTION. Ultimately, I’m seeking optimal health for myself and my clients which I define as waking up happy, grateful and eager to take actions and make choices that support my goals. To strive for balance in the areas of work and play, stress and recovery, failure and success. Feeling appreciative of what my body is capable of today but also acknowledging the fire within and constantly redefining those capabilities. ⁣

You have the power and capability to change. Start now.

In the power words. Back in November 2018, I shared my daily affirmation with you (healthy habit #4 for those who follow our monthly Newsletter). ⁣

⭐️ “I will focus my energy on me. I love my body and what it is capable of. I am open to opportunities to add happiness in my life.” ⭐️ ⁣

Recently, the affirmation has unfolded in a really cool way: ⁣
Greg Robbins and the @feast_fitness team presented BTBN with an amazing opportunity that has already brought so much happiness to my life. We’ve been invited to join a community and entrusted to help cultivate an identity for that community. It’s a tremendous honor and an exciting opportunity to help widen the reach of the Beyond The Box Nutrition mission. I encourage you to be aware of areas in your life that you can ADD positive energy to others while being equally aware of opportunities to ACCEPT positive energy from others. ⁣

Be extraordinary (very unusual or remarkable). I want to be an extraordinary coach, partner, and friend. I have spent a good chunk of my life trying to be ordinary, to blend in, to be average, to go unnoticed. I am working to embrace my strengths, set high(er) expectations for myself, positively impact others and serve where I am most needed and effective. ⁣

Starting my day with a serving (or 2) of vegetables makes me feel awesome. #breakfastsalad ⁣
My motivation is tripled to continue the rest of my day fueling my body with as many micronutrients and fiber as I can. I’m guessing a few of you may roll your eyes at the thought of eating vegetables before noon but humor me and give it a shot. This is a good opportunity to develop a #healthyhabit and embody the identity of someone who prioritizes their health by eating vegetables every day. ⁣

Be open to positive energy, be extraordinary, and start your day feeling healthy AF ????????


In prioritizing relationships. I was 13 years old in 1996 when I first watched the movie “Jerry Maguire”. Jerry’s philosophy of connecting with his clients impacted me as a 13-year-old and it remains something I admire today. Yes, it’s a fictional movie, but the messages “help me, help you” and “fewer clients, more connection” are truly powerful. By prioritizing our relationships with our clients we are directly linking the success of our company to their success. Win, Win!


Cultivate a community of people committed to creating a “new normal” of exercise and nutrition culture. Current culture tells us it’s “weird” to eat vegetables at breakfast.  Current culture puts us in awkward situations and feelings of peer pressure when skipping dessert or passing on that 2nd (or 3rd) beer. Why don’t more people take the stairs instead of the elevator? Why aren’t more companies offering fruit or vegetable trays at lunch meetings instead of boxes of donuts? It’s time for a new normal, isn’t it?


Actions are more important than goals. Why? Because your actions form the habits and systems that embody the identity of the person you seek to become (goal). Goals are temporary, but the habits and skills you develop en route to your goals can be lasting tools you can recycle over and over!

Here’s an example:

Hitting your goal weight feels good for a moment, but the actions you took in order to hit that goal weight are now engrained in you! These habits last FOREVER and help you sustain that goal weight. Make sure you are celebrating your daily actions!