Today’s the day I open my book.  Today I’m going to let myself be vulnerable and let you into my personal story.  Maybe you’re a Mom like me, maybe you can relate or find a little something to help you along your journey, by me sharing mine.

6 years ago I was blessed with our second son, 14 days before my 40th birthday.  Now a Mom of two boys, a full-time Marketing professional, and wife… I had a lot to be thankful for in life.  Before the kids were born, I was into yoga and running marathons. But once I had two, I lost my love, time and patience for running.  Baby weight from baby #1, and now baby #2 added up. Add my professional life, which included travel (also eating and drinking with customers).  More stress eating, sometimes “bored” eating = more weight gain. I was really unhappy with myself.

Maybe this scenario sounds familiar to you?

Finally, a good friend of mine suggested I try Crossfit.  He thought it would fit my personality (my need for variety and challenge).  I knew I needed something to help me feel physically and mentally better about myself and lose the baby weight – so I gave it a try in September of 2013 (one year after my 2nd child was born).

Damn!  I was intimidated by all of the jacked people in the gym I went to.  Even said, I was hooked after one class. Crossfit was fun (and a little scary).  But the other people in the Level 1 class were kinda like me – “normal”, not “jacked”, and we were in this together!  So I stuck to it. 5x/week, 5:30am class. I also enlisted Coach Sheena’s help as a personal trainer 1x/week to make sure I learned the Olympic movements correctly.

Things were clicking, I was having fun, losing weight, gaining confidence (an unexpected benefit to Crossfit).  Then a Paleo Challenge came up at the gym. My husband and I decided to do it together. I had great success on the challenge, but after 6 months of paleo, I started to feel sluggish in the gym, at work, and WOD’s felt harder all of a sudden.  It was my nutrition! I didn’t have the fuel I needed to get through my day.

My next step was to hook up with Jason Phillips as a nutrition coach.  He had me eating carbs again, and guess what!?! I felt better! I had the energy to get through my day, and I was getting stronger and faster in the gym.

Did I have setbacks?  You bet! Did I eat perfectly to my macros every day?  No! But what I didn’t do was quit. I also had two injuries that required surgery and recovery time.  Talk about a crush to your mindset! But did I give up? Again, no. I surrounded myself with people who supported me, encouraged me, and I kept taking a step forward every day.

Fast forward to today –  I’ve had several nutrition coaches over the years (yes, Coaches need Coaches too).  My macros change based on my goals. I still do Crossfit, but I also do strength training.  Some days I just run and play and hike with my kids. Nutrition and fitness are working together – maintaining a healthy lifestyle that suits my needs as a busy Mom.

Change takes time.  Be patient.

Change is hard.  Be persistent. Don’t give up.

Be kind to yourself.  Celebrate your progress.  

Remember, it’s a journey – not a destination.