High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Nutrition Coaching for CrossFit, Orange Theory & F45 Athletes

Whether you are a CrossFitter or you attend classes like Orange Theory or F45, you have nutrition needs specifically based on your HIIT fitness routine. You have already prioritized training and fitness, but you feel like something is missing; your results don’t match your effort. You train or work out four to six times per week, but you aren’t getting the results you desire and you’re not sure what to do next. You know you could be performing better, recovering faster, or even looking fitter…… but how?

We are familiar with popular HIIT training programs like Crossfit, Orange Theory and F45; we have trained in these programs, met great people and gleaned results. We’ve also experienced disappointment in not being able to retain results. The truth is, high intensity interval training long cannot and will not produce sustainable results without a corresponding nutrition plan tailored to the athlete. Let’s discuss these individual HIIT programs:

Nutrition Planning for F45 Athletes

F45 is a fun and challenging work out for many people around the world. You can see your progress on a monitor during class and track your progress in workouts over time. In addition to offering versatile and exciting workouts (like “Hollywood”), F45 sponsors multiple 8-week transformation challenges every year. They even offer a prize at the end of the eight weeks for the worldwide winner of these challenges. Doing a weight loss challenge with others can helpgive you some additional accountability and support. We are all for it!

You may have participated on one of these challenges and seen good results. What we can’t get behind is that sometimes during these challenges, you are not shown how to maintain the results you achieved during the F45 8-week challenge. We know that nutrition, specifically, is the most important aspect of maintaining the results of an F45 program.

F45 challenges provide specific food lists from which you can eat during the challenge. If you stray from the list of “allowed” foods, you can feel defeated or like a failure. We encourage you to eat foods you enjoy (in moderation) and provide you with a personalized nutrition plan specifically designed for you. No foods are off-limits, but we will focus on adding nutrient-dense foods to your diet.

F45 also provides a recommended calorie goal, but that goal which may be too little or too much based on your training frequency, height, weight, and many other factors. As professional nutrition coaches, we show you how to maintain your F45 results so you can confidently sustain your diet and results. We also monitor your F45 performance, recovery, mood, sleep, and individual caloric needs to ensure you are developing results and habits that will stand the test of time. One size does not fit all for any diet and reaching your goals shouldn’t be on someone else’s timeline or terms.

Nutrition Planning for CrossFit Athletes

As a CrossFit athlete, you probably train five days a week, do your accessory work, and eat “clean” most of the time, but you still feel you could be stronger, look leaner, or recovery faster. We’ve been in your shoes. All of the Beyond the Box Nutrition coaches are CrossFit athletes, so we know first-hand how valuable personalized nutrition, tailored to CrossFit workouts and goals, can positively impact your performance, recovery, and aesthetic goals.

The specific energy requirements for CrossFit require increased carbohydrates for fuel. Most CrossFit athletes are highly competitive and train hard which is a pretty incredible accomplishment until it leads to over-training, under-recovering, and most likely, under-eating. You need the right amount macronutrients for your goals and your training volume and intensity. Everyone is different but we commonly see CrossFit athletes not eating enough carbohydrates. Most athletes underestimate, or don’t even know, how many carbs they should be eating. Low-carb diets are not ideal for CrossFit athletes.

Carbs are fuel! Your body needs the right amount to function at its peak. So many CrossFit athletes spend countless hours training but don’t focus on their nutrition. If you combine training and nutrition, the results will be exponential. If you hire a CrossFit nutrition coach, you will learn a few things about what to eat before and after your training sessions, how your rest day nutrition should look different than your workout days, and what to eat if you are doing a MetCon or a strength training session, just to name a few typical CrossFit scenarios.

Whether you are looking to gain muscle, lose fat, perform better, recover better, or look more fit, we can help you finally get the results you want by creating a plan specifically for you. Click here to schedule a complimentary call to learn more.

Nutrition Planning for Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) Athletes

You are working out so hard, and probably very frequently, but your desired results aren’t matching your effort. You are frustrated with your lack of results. OTF is a fun and very popular high-intensity interval training program. If you have been a regular OTF participant, but feel like your desired results aren’t matching your effort, hiring a nutrition coach could help you get results faster. Does any of this sound like you?

  • You are eating low-carb because you’re afraid to gain weight
  • You are eating “clean” but aren’t seeing results
  • You want to look leaner and maybe even have some visible abs
  • You just want to recover faster and have more energy
  • You are working out hard but not seeing results on the scale

You might have even increased the number of times you attend OTF classes and reduced your calorie intake thinking that you would see results faster! This is a very common occurrence when people want to lose weight or gain muscle. The problem is, many people reduce calories too much and your body starts to fight back and resists weight loss.

You don’t have to drastically cut your calories or attend Orange Theoryclass every day to see results. What you do need is a personalized nutrition plan to complement your Orange Theory workouts and address your specific caloric needs. We will also take a look at other factors like stress, mindset, sleep, and other lifestyle factors that may be impacting your ability to get results.

Whether you are using OTC to gain muscle, lose fat, perform better, recover better, or look more fit, we can help you finally get the results you want by creating a nutrition plan specifically for you. Our goal is to get you the results you want so that you can maintain the results on your own. Schedule a complimentary discovery call now.

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