Weight Loss Coaching for the Greater Chicago Area

If you’ve found our Weight Loss Coaching page, you have probably  been searching for answers for a long time now. Too long. We have been where you are. We have felt the frustration, confusion, disappointment, and helplessness surrounding body image and weight loss efforts that you are probably feeling…

Common Emotions Surrounding Weight Loss Attempts

Know you are not alone if you are experiencing:

  • The disappointment every time you step on the scale and don’t see the number you think you deserve.
  • The frustration around your lack of progress toward weight loss targets, the confusion because you are doing “everything right,” but your body weight is not changing.
  • The disappointment every time you step on the scale and don’t see the number you think you deserve.
  • The helplessness of not knowing where to turn next for help losing weight. You’ve tried and re-tried every diet and weight loss plan out there. 
  • You have experienced occasional, but fleeting, success shedding weight. You have lost and gained the same 5-10 lbs. countless times. Nothing you do seems to “stick,” and you are convinced your metabolism and hormones have packed up, moved on, and left you to fend for yourself. 
  • You feel trapped. The walls are closing in and you cannot find a way out. 

Sound familiar? We’ve been YOU.

The good news? We learned how to break free from that life. We escaped the prison of self-limiting beliefs and found a way to make nutrition work FOR us instead of against us. We broke many dieting “rules” and decided to make new ones.

Our Weight Loss Coaching Philosophy

During your coaching experience we will challenge you to go Beyond The Box of what you think you know about dieting.  We believe: 

  • Food is not inherently “good” or “bad”.
  • Food quality and quantity are king and queen.
  • You don’t need to restrict entire macronutrients or food groups (carbs, fats, dairy, grains).
  • Your nutrition plan should be sustainable.
  • Your nutrition plan doesn’t need a name or a label.
  • Your nutrition plan should allow you to be social- eating and drinking with friends.
  • There are no shortcuts that lead to sustainable results.
  • A strong social support system is extremely valuable. This includes your coach! 
  • You will likely need to make adjustments to your environment. 

If we do our jobs right, the day will come when you don’t need us anymore. We will celebrate this day with you.

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