Sustainable, Long-Term Weight Loss

A common occurrence in the nutrition world today is the variety of diet and weight loss challenges. Perhaps you’ve even tried a few? We certainly have. In fact, all of your Beyond the Box Nutrition coaches have participated in numerous weight loss challenges. Coach Sheena even administered and managed three different Whole 30 challenges early in her CrossFit coaching career. This experience would prove invaluable – more on that to come later.

These challenges can work, and often do, but they are very restrictive in nature. It’s common to see a teeny tiny list of “allowed” foods followed by a GIANT  list of your favorite foods that are “not allowed.” The elimination of entire food groups (dairy, gluten, sugar) and alcohol will usually put the dieter in a calorie deficit (consciously or unconsciously). Calorie deficits are paramount for weight loss which is why these challenges appear so successful.

Maybe 30 day challenges weren’t long (or restricting) enough because the shiny new 6-week challenge has emerged as the next most popular diet we’ve seen. Now, we aren’t here to pass judgement on any of these diets or dieters. We’re here to help you with the next steps. 

We’ve seen some incredible weight loss transformations from 30 day and 6 week challenges that deserve to be celebrated. We’ve also seen many people struggle to maintain their results. This struggle is very common when people try and add back in foods that were previously “not allowed.” These challenges always have an end date, leaving dieters confused and lacking confidence about how to approach day 31 or start Week 7.  

We mentioned the experience we gained from participating and running these challenges was invaluable. Back when Coach Sheena ran Paleo challenges she found two questions were the most frequently asked: 

Question 1:  Is ________ (fill in the blank with your favorite food) allowed? 

Question 2: How and what do I eat when the challenge is over? 

These two questions lead to many questions of our own, which ultimately proved to be the catalyst for establishing Beyond The Box Nutrition. 

  • What if we didn’t put foods in “allowed” or “not allowed” categories? 
  • What if we taught people how to eat a balance of healthy, nutritious, and “fun”foods while still being in a calorie deficit so they can continue to lose weight? 
  • What if you could be consistently healthy 80% of the time for more than just 30 days or 6 weeks? 
  • What if we coached people on how to practice moderation and helped them determine what a sustainable and balanced approach to nutrition looked like?
  • What if you never had to do another challenge? 

If this sounds too good to be true go ahead and pinch yourself because it’s real and it’s happening. Collectively, we’ve helped numerous clients transition from challenges and guided them in developing sustainable, healthy habits while still making progress towards their goals. 

How do we do it? 

Well the good news is you’ve already done a lot of hard work and it won’t go to waste. Challenges can teach you about discipline as well as encouraging the development of healthy habits like eating more lean meats, fruits and vegetables, more frequent grocery shopping, cooking more at home and a greater awareness about food quality and quantity (portion control). 

We’ll meet you where you are, provide education and awareness around your food choices and develop a plan based on your current healthy habits and your goals. We’ll be honest and straightforward with you in regards to expectations, timelines and ways you can measure progress beyond the number on the scale! 

We’ll challenge you (pun intended) to eat the foods you like while practicing balance and moderation. Yes, that means you can eat pizza for dinner. No, we didn’t say 5 slices. But isn’t it nice to know that pizza is back on the “allowed” list again?!

If you’re seeking sustainability and lasting results, check out Hiring a Coach, or schedule a complimentary introductory call.

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