“I’ve Tried Everything”


This is, by far, our most common cry for help from clients.

Trying to lose weight can be exhausting and frustrating. What if you could finally stop jumping from diet to diet, trying to lose weight and found a sustainable way of eating that works for you?

Perhaps you’ve tried Keto or low-carb. You also heard that intermittent fasting is all the rage. That might be the answer?!  Or, you think maybe you should just go back to eating 1,200 calories a day. That worked when you were in college so it should work now, right?

The reason it’s sometimes hard to achieve results is that you may not know what works for you, specifically you.  We’re all different so why would one dietary protocol work for everybody? Maybe you like carbs so Keto doesn’t work for you.  Or you like eating 3 meals a day so why should you have to force yourself to eat six small meals a day? You push through anyway because you think this time it will work.  Something has to work.

We don’t think you should have to push through any diet.  In fact, we want you to find a way of eating that works specifically for you and that you can sustain for life. We will help you reach your goals and show you how to maintain your weight loss once you achieve your goal.

So many people have tried multiple diets not because they have not found a way of eating that they like or that fits their life! Our goal is to help you find a way of eating that is enjoyable, can help you reach your goals, and is something that you can maintain beyond the weight loss phase.

Here are some scenarios in which we can help you:

  • You have cut your calories and are exercising more, but you still can’t lose weight.
  • You stop dieting because you feel like you’re not getting results fast enough.
  • You have gained weight back because you don’t know how to maintain your weight loss.
  • You fell “off track” and found it difficult to get back “on track” with your eating.
  • You don’t know how to manage eating on weekends, vacations, or at business events.
  • You are not sure how what and how much you should be eating to reach your goals.

At Beyond the Box Nutrition, we will learn the skills needed to maintain your results, how to overcome your mental blocks, celebrate your wins, and get results so you will be able to continue on your own with full confidence in yourself.

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