One topic of conversation I like to have with my clients on a weekly basis is about finding successes. I call them “weekly wins”. Staying focused on the positive changes you are making (and experiencing) can be challenging especially when we feel like progress has slowed. For some reason our human tendency is to focus only on failures. A goal I have (as a coach) is to help remind clients of all the ways in which they have succeeded and different ways we can measure progress towards their goals.  

Changing any habit, especially ones related to nutrition can be frustrating (let’s be honest, it can be a giant pain in the ass). When it comes to fat loss specifically, we will have so many opportunities to fail (and you will) but my challenge for you is to also start to look for the opportunities to find success.

As an example any fat loss or body composition goal is going to require patience….a lot of patience. Plain and simple. If you want to see a lasting, sustainable change you’d better be ready to commit for at least a year, maybe more. There is no short term option worth exploring here. Gwen and I are both very upfront about this process when we start working with clients- true change takes time. You will experience “failure”. You will get frustrated. Your patience will tested time and time again. You will want to quit. The good news is you have us, your coaches, to help keep you going. 

How do you stay positive and focused towards your goals? Find the “wins” whenever and wherever you can and CELEBRATE them! 

Most journey’s start with setting a goal, metrics to measure progress for that goal and a timeline. At Beyond The Box Nutrition we like to work a little differently. We believe in a straight forward, honest approach with realistic expectations. In our experience every human is unique and responds differently to food and lifestyle changes. Together we can strive for perfection but understand humans are imperfect. We can hope for the best case scenario or the easiest path towards your goals but it’s also realistic to anticipate detours along the way.

Beyond The Box Nutrition Process and Expectations:

Step 1: Set the goal- know what you are working towards

Step 2: Keep the goal the goal- stay the course

Step 3 : Set realistic measurements of progress (pro tip: the scale CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be your only measurable)

Step 4: Buckle in and get ready for rollercoaster ride (this is my attempt at telling you there will be ups and downs)


Step 5: Acknowledge areas that have room for improvement

Step 6: Rinse and repeat

Learning how to recognize these wins/successes is an acquired skill! Growing up playing softball I was fortunate enough to learn this skill early on. I didn’t really have a choice, the sport is ruthless and will chew you up and spit you out unless you have the ability to learn from failure and find successes. Much like professional baseball (MLB) a .300 batting average is considered very good. Most guys in the MLB with a .300 average earns them a very lucrative contract (millions of dollars). For those who are unfamiliar, a .300 batting average means that on average the athlete gets a hit 3 times out of every 10 chances. This also means that the same athlete on average will fail to get a hit the other 7 times out of 10. Where am I going with this? Well, how many times out of 10 do you see the number you want to see on the scale? I’m guessing it’s closer to 3/10 than it is to 7/10…. just a hunch. Does this mean that you failed the 7 times you didn’t see the scale number go down? The answer is no. Instead of looking only at the scale number, let’s take a look at some other areas where you can find success.

📍How do you feel waking up in the morning? (hint: you should be feeling happy and hungry)

📍Have you started moving/exercising more?

📍Are people noticing your positive changes?

📍Are you enjoying the food you’re eating?

📍How is your ability to handle stress?

📍Do you feel like you’re on a diet?

📍How’s your sex drive?

📍Have you created new healthy habits?

📍How is your relationship with food?

📍Are you sleeping better?

📍Are your poops better? More regular?

📍Are you less bloated/puffy?

📍How do your clothes fit?

📍How does your body look and FEEL?

📍How is your confidence?

📍How is your daily energy level?

📍How are your workouts feeling?

📍How is your mood throughout the day?

📍Are you enjoying the food you’re eating?

📍How is your ability to handle stress?

📍Are you cooking more at home?

📍Do your kids see you making healthier choices?

📍Are you making more conscious decisions around nutrition?

📍Are you drinking less alcohol than normal?

📍Are you taking less medications?

📍Girls: are your periods less “crappy”? More regular?

📍Are you making more trips to the grocery store?

📍Do you have less acne/ skin irritations?

📍Have any “nagging” injuries improved?

If you found one success from any of the questions above then you need to keep going. You owe it to yourself to continue on this journey and trust the process. Save this list and refer back to as often as you need to! Success is everywhere if you’re willing to look for it!

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