Your Nutrition Plan

Four Steps to Results

We customize a personal nutrition plan for every client based on their goals. While nutrition plan details may vary greatly between an athlete building muscle mass and a busy working professional trying to shed some weight, the approach to tailoring a personalized dietary plan is fundamentally the same.

1. Establish Nutrition Baseline

We gather current nutrition and lifestyle information to assess your baseline. We’ll also gather some historical information so we know where you have been on your journey thus far.

2. Build Your Nutrition Plan

We will build a sustainable and healthy nutrition plan so you can reach your goal in a reasonable timeline. We avoid prescribing a specific diet, but we do recommend a diet of nutrient-dense foods that you like, with room for some flexibility.


3. Start Your Nutrition Plan & Create New Habits

We provide a personalized nutrition plan just for you. We teach you more about nutrition and how to incorporate our recommendations to your life. Developing new skills and habits takes practice, so your coach will guide you every step of the way. She will help you build new habits and get you the results you desire.

4. Become a New You

Things will be different this time around because this wasn’t just about changing your body. You realize you have a different mindset, a new perspective, and greater confidence in yourself.

Our goal is to ensure you have a plan to maintain the results you’ve achieved so you never need us again. We call this “graduation” day and no one will be more proud of you than your Beyond the Box Nutrition coach!

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