Forty days ago Sheena and I decided to set some 120-day goals for our business, for balance in life, and for our bodies (selves). We promised that we would share our “body” goals and then provide a status update along the way and at the end of the 120-days.  Our ultimate goal in doing this is to show you that we have been doing the same things that we ask our clients to do. We are not perfect, we don’t expect you to be either. What we have found is that setting goals, writing them down, measuring progress along the way without judgment or emotion, then make adjustments as needed to set yourself up for success.

Here is my 40-day update (⅓ of the way there).

  • 40 days with no alcohol consumption – YES
  • CrossFit programming 2-3 days per week – NO
  • Gymnastics practice 1-2 days per week – YES
  • Entered food intake into MFP (regardless of what I ate) – YES
  • CrossFit class 1 -2 days per week – YES
  • Meditating 1-2 per week  – YES
  • End goal to get one bar muscle up – NO

I have a pretty long streak of entering in my food intake into My Fitness Pal, which means it’s now a habit.  When behaviors become habits, we tend to do things without conscious thought which is a good thing if it’s a good habit. Sometimes we need to take a step back to analyze our habits more closely to see if they are still getting us closer to our goals.

What I realized:

1) The more sugar I ate, the more I want to eat EVERYTHING!!

2) Saturdays have been the toughest for me to stick to my macros so I will be more diligent in planning my day in advance

3) Just logging every day isn’t enough for me to hit my goals.  I revised one of my goals (with the help of my nutrition coach) to hit my macros 4 out of 7 days each week! After all, goals are meant to be changed if the changes are designed to get you closer to reaching your goals. This was the biggest change for me.  Logging my food and hitting my macros are two very different things.

I did not reach my CrossFit programming goal. Why not? Well, I could come up with many reasons and excuses, but what I realized is that the best thing I can do is to do the best I can to reach my goal this week.  The past 40 days are behind me. It’s time to look ahead! I have 80 more days ahead of me.

I have hit my quantitative goal for gymnastics practice, but I had to modify my skills practice.  I have been seeing my chiropractor for the past 6 weeks for my right shoulder pain. This ongoing pain meant that I was doing more hollow rocks, hollow holds, dead bugs, and other progressions instead of the aggressive kips on the rings and bars that I would have liked to have been doing.  I was frustrated but I decided that doing something was better than doing nothing at all. I had to get out of the “all or nothing” mentality!

I have been attending one CrossFit class per week which allows me to meet new people and enjoy the community aspect of CrossFit. Goal achieved.

And the ultimate 120-day goal…the bar muscle up.  Did I get it? NO. Will I keep working on it? YES.  I am working on giving my best effort because that’s the only way that change can happen.

What are you doing to reach your goals?