⭐️ GOAL: Decreased body fat %

✅Get body fat tested via a DexaScan.
✅Set an appointment to get retested 120 days later
✅Complete a minimum of 51 strength workouts (3/week for 17 weeks) UPDATED TO 5/week
✅Complete 1,200,000 steps in 120 days (10k x 120 days on average) UPDATED TO 20k/ day
✅Record macros daily for 120 days. The good, the bad, the ugly logged in MFP
✅These goals are all measurable. In 120 days I can go through each of them and check “yes” or “no”. There is no “maybe”

How am I doing so far? Here are some numbers from the past 53 days (Aug 15-Oct 7)

⬇️6.7lbs Scale Weight (previous month was 6.9lbs down)

⬇️1.2% Body Fat (previous month was 1.4% down)

???? 856,932 steps 

Reflections from the past 53 days:

  • Looking only at the numbers from the past 25 days or so you might think that I’ve “failed” or have hit a plateau. These past few weeks have been the most challenging from a mental standpoint for sure. It’s times like these that I’m really happy I have given myself a much larger window of time to complete my goal.
  • I’m been weight training since I was 12 years old. My body doesn’t respond to resistance training as quickly as it used to. Strength training isn’t a new stimulus. I’ve decided I need a different approach to really make body composition changes.
  • To prioritize recovery, I’ve talked with my coach and we’ve made some changes to my workout structure. These changes are brand new so I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. Basically, I’m going to focus on the quality of my movements and keep my workouts shorter and more intense.
  • I saw a “whoosh” this month! I was riding the 152.3 train for what felt like forever until one morning my scale weight dropped to 150! I had a feeling it wouldn’t stay there as this was at the end of a deficit week (low carb, low calorie) but I was happy to see the progress!
  • My at-home scale is still providing pretty accurate lean mass, body fat and body fat %. I’m still very curious to see how it will compare to the DEXA scan in a few months.

How I plan to break the plateau:

  • Discuss some calorie changes with my coach. I think I might have to create a larger caloric deficit.
  • ✅Daily steps are actually coming in around 15k. I may need to increase to 20k per day (increase NEAT)
  • Workout 5 days/ week (an increase from 3, the focus is still on resistance training)
  • If I will be working out more, I want to make sure my recovery stays a priority as well. My plan is to implement for Infared sauna time, try meditation or hatha yoga and find ways to “unplug” more regularly. More to come!