10 Easy Meals from TJ’s

How many times have you asked yourself, or someone else, “What’s for dinner”?  My guess is quite often. How about that feeling that goes along with the question? It may be one of panic, dread, or indifference.  How do you think you would feel if you had some dinner options planned BEFORE it was time for dinner? My bet is that you would feel less stressed and that dinner time would be more enjoyable overall!  

Today, dinnertime might look something like this.  You walk into your home really hungry for dinner and you haven’t thought about what you are going to eat until you open the refrigerator.  In fact, you don’t even remember what’s in the refrigerator. You open the refrigerator and there is nothing resembling a meal. You close the refrigerator.  Maybe there is something in the freezer?! Nope. Last chance is the cupboard. Nothing looks too promising there either. You then justify the lack of preparation by saying. “I didn’t feel like cooking anyway”. Time for delivery!  Sound familiar? Let’s talk about some easy solutions to minimize this scenario.

One of our favorite grocery stores, Trader Joe’s (affectionately known as TJ’s), has so many flavorful and healthful options that you will be running, not walking, to buy ingredients for a quick meal. Preparing dinner doesn’t have to involve hours of meal preparation (although we do think meal prep is a great strategy to stay on track).  The following 10 meals will take less than 15 minutes to prepare! All of the suggested meals have a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat as well as being tasty.

We challenge you to try this for yourself.  See how long it takes you to prepare one of the suggested meals. Follow these steps to make dinner in 15 minutes or less:

1) The night before plan what you are going to prepare and ensure you have all of the ingredients.

2) Enter your dinner into My Fitness Pal the night before so you know how to fit breakfast and lunch into your macros the following day.

3) Place the baking and/or serving dishes on the kitchen counter as well as anything else that will save you time when preparing dinner!  

These steps might seem trivial or silly, but you will be surprised how much easier your meal preparation will be and how much more you will enjoy your meal if you prepare as much as possible in advance. Quick, simple, stress-free, and tasty!

How long did it take you to prepare dinner?  Did you enjoy your meal? Were you less stressed about what’s for dinner?  

Let us know how it goes.


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