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Client Testimonials

"I wholeheartedly recommend Gwen as a Chicago health and nutrition coach."

Gwen is professional, dependable, knowledgeable and most importantly, she truly cares about her nutrition clients. She knows firsthand how much work it takes to achieve each goal. I am on a long journey toward better health and she is right beside me, researching, making suggestions and giving me direction – all of which are making a huge impact on my diet and health.

– Christie W., Pharm.D.

I cannot recommend Sheena highly enough!

She has an instinctive ability to understand client goals, as well obstacles they may be facing. She builds individual nutrition programs that reflect each clients strengths and weaknesses and relentlessly follows through on her commitments. She is a tireless nutrition researcher and always willing to answer even the most mundane dietary and fitness questions. Anyone looking to make a choice to be healthy, happy and strong, go see Sheena immediately!

– David S.

I cannot imagine working with a better health and nutrition coach than Gwen Holtan.

Not only has Gwen been on this path herself and therefore can make realistic and helpful suggestions and recommendations, she is also extremely client-focused and works diligently to meet each person exactly wherever they happen to be on their journey to improved health and wellness. She is organized, positive, a great listener, non-judgmental yet gently challenging, and has been genuinely happy for me concerning my progress. Her follow-up is thoughtful and timely, she is extremely personable and always looking to learn. Even though I have been blessed with general good health — I can definitely tell that working with Gwen has made a positive difference in terms of my nutritional choices and overall well-being. I look forward to my continued work with her and the Beyond the Box team!

– Joanne W.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sheena

She is an excellent coach and amazing athlete. Sheena is able to develop strong relationships with her clients by creating a foundation of trust, encouragement, and results. She actively listens to her clients and is able to program for them to assist them in accomplishing their fitness and nutrition goals, whatever they may be. Sheena is constantly staying abreast of new information, advances and developments in both the literature and research in the areas of health, fitness and nutrition so that she can provide the very best service to her clients. In addition to her commitment, Sheena is able to draw from her personal experiences as both a college and an Olympic athlete which very few others can offer.

– Diane W.

I've yielded great benefits from working with Gwen!

At this point, I’ve lost 7 lbs, and about 2+ inches off my waist. Yay!! I have better endurance, my lifts are better, I’m sleeping better, and my energy has improved. All of this is encouraging to me and is a result of setting a plan with BTB.

– Lynn U.

It is easy for me to recommend Sheena as a resource for wellness.

Sheena’s passion for learning and mentoring in the many areas of sport, fitness and wellness is inspiring. She inspired me to look beyond what I saw as physical obstacles and move through to a better understanding of what I can do to get active, get fit, get energized. I highly recommend Sheena as a resource and coach to help you reach any or all of your nutrition, fitness, and performance goals.

– Lori S.

Sheena is an amazing trainer and an informed, intelligent resource for the latest on nutrition counseling.

I’ve personally used Sheena for my lifting programming and nutritional counseling over the last 3 years and have had fantastic results when I’ve followed her professional advice. Sheena is personable, empathetic and incredibly patient with all of her clientele. She truly loves what she does and is an asset to any individual or business she is involved with.
– James M.

Working with Gwen to make the lifestyle changes I needed to make was really life changing.

Her knowledge, flexibility and patience were so very important in helping me. But perhaps her encouragement along the way was the most vital to me. I could not be happier with the results I have achieved and with the knowledge I have gained along the way. Further, the resources available from Beyond the Box Nutrition, in addition to the personal counseling I received, are excellent.

– Sylvia F.

I can't be more pleased with Sheena and Gwen.

I went to them because I was having a hard time losing weight, was already on low calories and trying to find a natural way to manage my PCOS symptoms. I worked mostly with Gwen and she is a coach. She is very responsive, informative, and values your input. It’s been 2 months and I’m eating more food, seeing body composition changes, sleeping better, and have more energy than I’ve had in a long time. What I really like about this whole thing is that it’s flexible and sustainable, I don’t feel like i’m dieting. I am eating the healthy foods I love and can pretty much do this with little effort.”

– Mutsa M.




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