Personal Weight Loss Coaching

Imagine achieving your weight loss goals. What if you could finally stop trying so hard to lose weight? The first step to losing weight for good is to understand where you need some help. Getting to where you want to sometimes involves the help of a personal weight loss coach.

Beyond the Box Nutrition gives you direct access to a one-on-one, private weight loss coach. This coach will create a plan for you to help you reach your weight loss goals and achieve long-term success.

Beyond the Box weight loss coaching is not about a “quick fix” but a lifelong solution. You can access your Chicago personal nutrition coach through phone consultations or Zoom sessions. So, you have a virtual dieting and nutrition coach to keep you on track, no matter your geographic location.

Our One-on-One Weight Loss Coaching Process

You may have taken steps to lose a few pounds in the past, but you’re frustrated because what you’ve tried hasn’t delivered long-term results. We help you uncover why you haven’t been able to maintain lasting results and create a plan that will finally work for you. You haven’t failed; you just need the right plan with the support, guidance, and accountability of your private weight loss coach. Your personal weight loss coach will encourage you and highlight what you are doing right! While short-term weight loss often happens for most people, our proven process leads to sustainable weight loss results. We also help you uncover why you haven’t been able to maintain your weight loss and show you how to achieve your lasting results. Sometimes you can make it harder for yourself without even knowing it. We will help you build confidence in yourself so you are excited to continue instead of looking at your calendar to see when you can stop dieting. You will feel more empowered, more in control, and happier. You will become more resilient and learn self- compassion while working with your private weight loss coach. This is the true foundation for lasting weight loss.

An online personal weight loss coach from Beyond the Box Nutrition follows a proven approach to get you where you want to be. This is not a once-and-done route to losing weight, this is for life. Take a look at our dieting and weight loss process:

  1. Reflect
    • A personal weight loss coach will work with you to reveal your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors associated with nutrition, food, and your body. Find out how these behaviors can serve as obstacles or accelerators to   your weight loss.
  2. Personalize:
    • Your personal diet coach can create an individualized success plan according to your needs and goals. You will learn how to amplify positive habits, behaviors, and strengths while overcoming behaviors that may have held you back. No one way of dieting suits everyone. We show you ways to eat that suit your personal preferences and lifestyle. No extreme diets are required.
  1. Progress:
    • Beyond the Box Nutrition’s personal weight loss and nutrition coaches will help keep you on the right track throughout your journey. You will learn how to develop new habits, celebrate your progress, and understand what it will take to keep going on your own. Sometimes you need someone to believe in you before you believe in yourself.
  2. Graduate:
    • With your foundation for success planted in place by your personal nutrition coach, you are ready to move to “graduation.” Your time in the program means you now have the self-awareness, self-trust, and confidence to fly on your own and maintain your success for years to come.

Hire our Chicago Online Health Coach

Besides these steps above to guide, create, and follow your personalized success plan, there are three more steps you can take to see if we’re the kind of nutrition and weight loss coach you’re looking for:

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Complete a short online form to provide an overview of your nutrition and weight loss goals. We’ll reach out to you to schedule a 30-minute complimentary call.

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Choose your coaching plan

Choose a nutrition coaching consultation schedule that fits your budget and goals. We require a 3-month minimum commitment.

Request a Call

Complete a short online form to provide an overview of your weight loss and nutrition goals. We’ll reach out to you to schedule a complimentary call with a weight loss coach and nutrition consultant.