The Chicago Online Health Coach’s Process

What are the basic steps to losing weight –– and keeping it off? What are the most practical steps to take in the first month? What steps do each online weight loss coach at Beyond the Box Nutrition recommend for long-term, sustainable success?

Regardless of the steps you’ve taken in the past, our certified and highly regarded nutrition coaches recommend these four steps when you choose to work with us –– and you don’t have to be in Chicago. Our clients live in many other cities, nationally and internationally, so we customized a personal nutrition plan for every client based on your goals:

Our Process Cycle 

  1. reflect
    • We uncover your current beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors about food, nutrition, and your body.
    • Next, we help you uncover the obstacles that have kept you from achieving long-term results.
    • Then, we leverage the good stuff that you made happen and show you how to create momentum.
  2. personalize
    • We help you create your personalized nutrition success plan. It’s different for every client and it should be. Each client receives a customized, plan based on their unique goals.
    • We will emphasize that you’ll learn how having a vision for who you want to become and how you want to feel is an essential step to your progress.
    • We will also show you how to leverage the habits and behaviors that are currently working for you then we create a plan to amplify all of your particular strengths.
  1. progress
    • You will learn how to identify that you are on the right track.
    • You will learn the key indicators of success.
    • We will demonstrate how to celebrate your milestones along the way.
  2. graduate
    • We will help you create a foundation so you are ready to fly on your own without an online weight loss coach.
    • We will train you to know how to approach any situation because you’ve developed the knowledge and the skills to do so.
    • We will be cheering for you on the sidelines and here if you should need us again.

Hire our Chicago Online Health Coach

Besides these steps above to guide, create, and follow your personalized success plan, there are three more steps you can take to see if we’re the kind of coach you’re looking for:

Request a Call

Complete a short online form to provide an overview of your goals. We’ll reach out to you to schedule a 30-minute complimentary call.

speak to our nutrition coach

Speak with a BTBN Nutrition Coach to help us get to know you, help you get to know us, answer your questions, and see if we’re a good fit.

Choose your coaching plan

Choose a nutrition coaching consultation schedule that fits your budget and goals. We require a 3-month minimum commitment.

Request a Call

Complete a short online form to provide an overview of your weight loss and nutrition goals. We’ll reach out to you to schedule a complimentary call with a weight loss coach and nutrition consultant.