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Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

“Chicago weight loss consulting” is a simple program. In fact, we try to make it as simple as possible so that each of our clients can attain optimal results. But when you choose to work with Beyond the Box Nutrition, we pride ourselves on ensuring your experience is highly personalized; simple, effective, and made for you. Let us explain…

Our Core Beliefs

Let’s start with our philosophy and what we stand for as it relates to our areas of expertise –– and what that means for each of our clients like you ­­­­–– across the U.S. and internationally.

  1. observe
    • We believe that observing your existing habits, thoughts, and beliefs will increase your chances for success.
  2. encourage
    • We encourage clients to explore the benefits of positive self-talk, stress-reduction techniques, and deciding who you want to become.
  3. celebrate
    • We believe that you should find ways to celebrate your changed habits and behaviors before you reach your ultimate goal.
  4. undo
    • We believe that sometimes it’s about undoing your thoughts and beliefs about food, nutrition, and dieting before you can move forward in a positive direction.
  5. eat
    • We encourage you to eat the foods you like while you’re trying to lose weight. Surprisingly, this works for most of our clients because it inspires a healthy relationship with food as well as other areas of your life.
  1. add
    • We believe that adding healthy foods to your diet is better than focusing on removing foods from your diet.
  2. enjoy
    • We believe that less restriction of food leads to enjoying more sustainable results.
  3. support
    • We believe that being supportive and encouraging works best instead of being punitive and shaming if you happen to have a slight setback or get “off-track.”
  4. progress
    • We encourage our clients to try new approaches to develop self-confidence, self-trust, and ultimately, self-efficacy. Perfection is not required!
  5. try
    • We believe that you will make progress, even if it’s not the progress that you expected to make in the exact way you expected to make it when working with Chicago weight loss consulting.

What Our Nutrition Coaching Clients Say

I can’t be more pleased with Sheena and Gwen. I went to them because I was having a hard time losing weight, was already on low calories and trying to find a natural way to manage my PCOS symptoms. I worked mostly with Gwen and she is a coach. She is very responsive, informative, and values your input. It’s been 2 months and I’m eating more food, seeing body composition changes, sleeping better, and have more energy than I’ve had in a long time. What I really like about this whole thing is that it’s flexible and sustainable, I don’t feel like i’m dieting. I am eating the healthy foods I love and can pretty much do this with little effort.

– Mutsa Vollmer

After three months of working together I’ve lost weight, but more importantly I better understand what my body needs to be healthy, energized and fulfilled. I feel motivated to continue this journey and view food completely differently since our work together. Thank you Gwen!

– Joanna Zak

I started working with Terri in April of 2020. She held me accountable but also never made me feel bad when I didn’t quite hit my goals. Terri helped me see food and meals in a different light, creating long lasting healthy habits. She’s not only passionate about her job but also incredibly kind. I would highly recommend working with Terri!

– Erika Wunderlich

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