We’ve learned some tough and valuable lessons about the power of being more proactive.  This doesn’t mean that we are never reactive.  We’re imperfect humans.  It means that we are more likely to succeed if we can be as proactive as possible.

Now, it’s your turn to apply the same principles to your weight loss journey and see what can happen.

Want to feel better? Start by addressing these “S’s” (if you’re up for a quick read, you don’t want to miss the 3 “H’s” at the end of this blog post, either) ⁣⁣⁣

Starch: Are you surprised to see starches on the list? You know we love carbs over here, right? Don’t fear carbs. If you’ve been trying to get all your carbs from green veggies and fruits, give the starches a try and see how you feel. ⁣⁣⁣Potatoes, rice, quinoa, and barley are a few starchy carbs that can keep you fueled for life and sport.

Sleep: Sleep is the most sabotaged habit we see that adversely affects weight loss. Poor sleep isn’t going to help you lose body fat. You aren’t going to see muscle gains, and you sure aren’t going to feel “optimal” every day. What’s even sadder is that you may never know what “feeling good” actually feels like! Get some zzz’s, ok?

Sauna: There’s a ton of great research on the benefits of sauna use. Infrared saunas, in particular, are showing promising health marker improvements. It’s a great way to get sweaty and promote relaxation. Remember, for every “stressor” you have in your life, you should have a way to recover from that stress.

Salt: Are you getting enough? Salt helps support your nervous system, helps you stay hydrated, and balances electrolytes. If you’re training hard, don’t skip out on this! ⁣⁣⁣Add high-quality Himalayan Sea Salt to your food or drink water with Liquid I.V. or LMNT. Consult your health care provider before adding salt to your diet.

Sex: Self-explanatory. Get some. ⁣⁣⁣

Bonus “H’s” for taking the time to read this far. One way to measure progress on the “feeling good” scale is waking up every morning:⁣

Happy, Hungry, and Horny. 

Yep, we went there, and those are the facts!

We’re gonna guess the majority of you remember the 3 H’s better than the 5 “S’s.”

If your body is feeling better, you are more likely to be able to reach your weight loss goals. Your body will give you the middle finger and make it harder for you to lose weight if you’re not taking care of it. So, address at least one of the “S’s” and give your body a chance to lose weight and to experience all three of the “H’s.”