Weddings are a blast but can also throw a serious wrench into our nutrition plans if you aren’t careful.

First things first. You must decide what kind of experience you are “OK” with having. If you decide you want to let loose by taking a break from your regular eating routine, do it. By all means, put on your best outfit and dancing shoes and enjoy. We aren’t here to judge (unless an unfortunate video of your dance moves ends up on social media). The moral of the story, be “OK” with having fun and be “OK” with the consequences.

The proposed rules of engagement are to PLAN AHEAD.


  • Track your food in “My Fitness Pal” (MFP) or another food tracking app. MFP lets you do a “quick add,” so you don’t need to worry about exact macros or searching for a food that “might” work. 
  • Estimate your calories consumed and be OK with it. A typical wedding dinner + cake + drinks can run anywhere from 800- 1200 calories.
  • Keep breakfast and lunch “lighter.” Focus on protein and veggies as you’ll want to save your carbs and fats for dinner, drinks, and dessert. 
  • Have a snack before the ceremony or in-between the ceremony and reception. Don’t wait too long before dinner and risk letting your “hangry” monster crash the party. 


  • Decide on an alcoholic drink limit and stick to it. How will you stick to it? Ask a friend, your date, or anyone who looks reliable to help you. There’s no shame in asking for some support. If you feel social pressure, remember you’re an adult, and it’s ok to say “no” or “no, thank you.” Also, be fun. No one cares if you are drunk or not if you are still fun. 
  • Hydrate (with water). Yes, you’ll need to pee more at the wedding, but you’ll thank yourself in the morning. Practice 1 glass of water for every 1 drink at the very least. 


  • Dance. It’s the most fun way to exercise at a wedding. Bonus: blood flow helps with digestion.
  • Get a workout on the morning of the wedding if you’re not a big dancer.

Attending a wedding doesn’t mean you have to deviate too far from your regular eating or exercise routine. You can still achieve your weight loss goals if you attend a wedding or two each year. Remember to make a plan, stick to the plan, and have fun!