If you’re anything like us, you always feel busy, and your “to-do” list is never complete. As entrepreneurs, we’ve learned how important it is to be more proactive and less reactive.  And, we are still learning, and always will be!

Being more proactive gives us more power and control over any situation. Being reactive makes us feel powerless, like a victim.

Here are some ways we’ve changed our business by becoming more proactive. As you read the list, consider how these tactics could help you on your weight loss journey.

  • Scenario planning. What are some of the things that may go wrong? We consulted with our attorney, our accountant, and our business coach for guidance.
  • Clear goals and measurable objectives. We set realistic and stretch goals for our business with a few key success metrics.
  • A tracking system to measure progress. We measure leads, revenue generated, and the number of people we have coached and helped.
  • Focusing on the effort, not the outcome. Nobody ever has control over the outcome.  We focused on doing our best every day, knowing we did everything possible to succeed.
  • Being honest with ourselves by owning our thoughts and behaviors. This requires some real self-reflection and honesty. We get in our own way 99% of the time. This was one of the toughest ones.  Ouch.
  • Prioritizing the most important and urgent tasks and not stressing about the rest. We realized that we are a small company and cannot do everything that will help us succeed.  We can do a few important things exceedingly well, and that’s good enough.