Studies show that most people struggle with consistency when dieting. Not having a plan that is sustainable is one of the driving forces that cause people to quit and give up. ⁣

Weekends are notorious for throwing a wrench into even the best-laid plans. Intentions may be good but motivation is finite and we see many folks “fall off the wagon” Friday night, Saturdays or Sundays. ⁣

What to do? Give up on your goals and just accept the fact that you’ll never be able to stick with a diet? We believe you can actually set up a plan that works FOR you instead of against you. Time to think outside the box (again). ⁣
As depicted in the image above it is entirely possible to plan out your week to allow yourself a couple of days to have some “fun foods”. We find these foods (and drinks) tend to be higher in calories so we just need to be mindful about how much and how often these foods are included in our week. ⁣

Do you want to kick back with co-workers for happy hour on Fridays? Cool. Save yourself about 200 calories for every drink you plan on having. ⁣

Taking the family out for burgers on Saturday night? Fantastic. Skip a snack or 2 at some point during the week and save those calories for a side of fries.⁣

This doesn’t mean the rest of your week has to go down the drain. Stay focused on your goal and allow yourself some room to enjoy food and PRACTICE MODERATION. ⁣

We do not expect perfection every week, nor should you. Set yourself up for success by feeding and fueling your body well 80% of the time and watch your consistency improve. ⁣

Let’s start crushing the weekdays AND weekends.????????????????????