Changing habits can be difficult! Whether you’re trying to start something new or kick a habit to the curb, it’s sometimes tough to know where to begin. Let’s use the example of trying to eat healthier. You want to eat healthier because you want to feel better, lose weight, have more energy, or even look better naked!⁣

One of the reasons you may be at this point again is because you have been aiming too high! Yes, you try to make drastic changes, very quickly, because you are over it! You want change now. ⁣

You might be saying to yourself:⁣

“How did I get here again”?⁣

“Why is this so hard”?⁣

“This time is going to be different”⁣

What if I told you to only focus on starting smaller than you ever imagined? Start so small that you might think that no change will occur from such small habits! Give yourself a chance to succeed at the small stuff so you keep going to achieve the big stuff.⁣

I have a client who doesn’t eat any vegetables. If I asked her to eat 3-5 servings a day, she would likely not stick with her new habit for very long. It’s too big of a goal.⁣

Here’s an example of a progression that is more likely to keep her moving closer to her goal:⁣

????Phase I: Buy a bag of a favorite frozen vegetable and put them in the freezer in an obvious place⁣

????Phase II: Add a serving of said favorite vegetable to one of the dinners you already eat⁣

????Phase III: Google a recipe for a vegetable dish that sounds appealing to you⁣

????Phase IV: Buy ingredients to make a vegetable dish, prepare dish (Of course, eat it) You get the idea. Starting small doesn’t mean stay small!⁣

Here are some other reminders to help you change your habits slowly:⁣

????Just show up​. A habit needs to be developed before it can be improved!⁣

????All habits start with effortful practice​, then lead to automatic behavior (learning curve, right?) ⁣

????Practice, practice, practice.​ It’s like working out. You have to get your reps in⁣

????Never miss twice.​ If you miss your new habit for a day, then start a new streak⁣